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Echo Off
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Astroboy delivers his fourth studio album “Echo Off” Ipswich based Astroboy continues his string of introspective and brooding electronica releases with an 11 track wandering of an album typical of his thoughtful and conceptual approach to music.

Echo Off begins with an eponymous introduction filled with reverberating beats, celestial synths and a swirling, ethereal vocal. Then moving into “Bee Stings” – a minimal transition into the main body of the album submerged in hypnotic, vibrating bass. Echo Off showcases Astroboy’s maturity as a songwriter alongside his crafted production style. As the album progresses through “The Sacred Bloom,” an underlying ebb and flow becomes apparent with swelling textures and bold harmonic shifts.

The album continues to develop, straying through contrasting moments of light and shade; with warm bass and fluttering, percussive strings the meditative, head-nodding “Comasoma” follows the industrial influenced “Ethos” with its metallic effects and haunting choral vocal. Astroboy blends technology and melody in producing music in a way that few can manage, his juxtaposition of computer jargon and lyrical musical ideas continues to emerge as his composition and production skills become ever more adept.

Astroboy says: “The title ‘Echo Off’ comes from a command used in some computer scripting languages. I always thought it sounded pretty cool as a stand-alone phrase and would lend itself nicely to the name for a song or idea, and that’s precisely what happened.”

To celebrate the last 4 albums from Astroboy we are releasing a limited edition Double CD, an eclectic compilation of tracks selected from Astroboy’s three previous albums on Disc 2 plus the Echo Off album on Disc 1. CD is a bargain at only £9.99

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