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Voodoo Browne
The O.L.A. Report
Hip Hop
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August 13th will see the revelation of the second full-length album from the Ipswich lyricist in six short months. Since the first insight into his official debut album in 2011, “Browne Saucery,” Voodoo Browne has been accelerating with a steady succession of releases leading to second album “The O.L.A Report.”


After a tirade of singles showcasing the emerging flare of current UK hip-hop, urban and club music, Voodoo Browne has teamed up with “Mackadena” of Rotterdam based DvDBeatCompany for his second album. Our first glimpse at the collaborative “The O.L.A Report” is “Birds & Burps” – an upfront hip-hop head-nodder featuring Voodoo Browne’s brazen social commentary and slick production from resident Dutchman “Mackadena.” The other sneak-peak we’ve had at “The O.L.A Report” is “Transformerz.” In contrast to the first single, “Transformerz” creates a dark funk with grimy glitches, sinister syncopation and a buzzing bassline with Voodoo telling a tale of distrust and deceit. 


Both singles from The O.L.A Report accompany official videos. “Birds & Burps” shoots Voodoo Browne in a scene of eclectic clutter, pointing-the-finger at infamous stereotypes home to the UK. Picking up the pace, “Transformerz” tails Voodoo Browne through North London in a visual narration of his lyrics in a chase scene of spoof espionage.


The O.L.A Report is a diverse album with a variety of hip-hop styles and attitudes; chilled out songs with loving lyrics alongside aggressive tracks and angry outbursts.  “The O.L.A Report” is a personal album, combining a range of hip-hopstyles and subjects close to Voodoo Browne.


The O.L.A Report is a round-up of all my hip-hop inspiration, old skool to new skool, East to West, UK to USA. I wanted to cover all sides of hip-hop without most of the offensiveness. One moment you’re chillin’ 90s, then dancing 80s before jumping back to the present. There’s loads of peeps involved I want to shout to – Femi, Mackadena, Th’Acquisistion, A-Sides, MC Random, Area 51, NJC, Firgas at Raw Material, Charlie Aris, Willy Dench, Mr Lee, Kyra J, Cooley, Chino (Ginza), Jonus Ben & Alex at OverThrow Film, Rebsie B, Ian Harvey, Cosha Don, Louski Love, RedBeard aka The Duke, Mini Martin, Easy Jet AirWays, DJ Tukka Dee, DJ Unique, Nathan aka Young Dredd, Grandad Cook (R.I.P)”

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